Cleaning servises with a unique IT solution
Launch your cleaning company with full automation and start earning from $50000 USD per year
We have already launched franchises in 5 countries :
Russia Russia
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Türkiye Türkiye
Cyprus Cyprus
Spain Spain
Why Cleanbros company?
First cleaning franchise in CIS
International brand
  • The best cleaning franchise in Russia in the rating
  • 77 successfully operating branches
  • 10 year experience
  • 8 years of franchise
Russia Kazakhstan Türkiye Cyprus Spain
Represented at international level since 2022

Today, due to the high level of immigration in countries, the demand for services has increased significantly. Due to the fact that in the cleaning market there are still no analogues of the high-quality service of the Cleanbros company an incentive has appeared to launch branches abroad.

In 2024, we have already entered the markets of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Spain and Cyprus and will continue to broaden horizons!

Our mission is to create the best cleaning service that sets the highest quality standards
We help our customers, partners and employees make the world around us even cleaner and more comfortable
Step by step, holistically improving our service, introducing innovative ideas and technologies
A franchise that's easy to manage
  1. Own CRM/ERP system
    This system is designed specifically for the cleaning business, takes into account all possible tools and nuances of interaction: client base, statistics, data exchange and accounting, advertising effectiveness - everything is already prepared and is constantly updated. The intuitive interface makes using the software easy and enjoyable
  2. Application for clients
    A simple and clear application with no surprises: the cost is immediately visible, it’s easy to select the required type of cleaning or use the service designer, get answers to all questions in the chat and order cleaning on the same day
  3. Application for cleaners
    An application in which it is convenient to track and close orders. Through the application, cleaners connect to the training and motivation system. By passing online tests and receiving bonuses, they increase their rating and qualifications. A special house cleaning map allows you to monitor the progress of the process online and control quality at each stage.
  4. Website with a modern interface
    A wide range of cleaning types and additional services will allow the client to get exactly what he needs. From one-off or standard weekly cleaning to dry cleaning, steaming or even pet care. The client knows in advance the cost of cleaning and which cleaner will come to his home.
  5. Offline training
    Real training: we don’t just give you a link to a “tutorial”, but we go to your city and launch a franchise with you from scratch.
  6. Exclusive rights of ownership
    Our partners receive exclusive rights to represent the brand in their city.
  7. Fast start
    4 weeks to prepare and launch a business. 2 months to reach the break-even point.
  8. 24/7 support
    Your personal manager is always ready to help.
  9. Franchbook
    Educational materials, presentations, instructions and scripts, setting up and maintaining contextual and targeted advertising, creating and designing social media. networks and providing content for their maintenance.
  10. Brand book
    Corporate style guide and all the necessary layouts for promotion.
We thought through everything
Detailed corporate identity
High quality uniform with logo
Advertising placement
Professional line of chemical materials
All types of layouts for POS materials
Ready-made content for social networks
Optimal set of equipment and consumables
Recruitment and training of personnel
Calculate the required investment
Especially for our franchisees, we have prepared a launch plan with minimal costs
Enter the population of your city
Enter the population of your city
Calculate investments
Lump sum payment
Additional investments
Office rental
Obligatory payments
Marketing fee
What awaits you?
Conclusion of an agreement
Stage duration: 4 weeks
First income
Stage duration: 1 month
Break even
Duration of the stage: 2 months
Stable profit
Our main franchise
We are open in 80 cities and 5 countries
Franchisee reviews
Nikolay Gladnev, Voronezh/Lipetsk
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4 years ago, my wife and I decided to leave employment and buy a franchise, since we had no experience in business. The choice fell on two options: Bakery (I would ratter prefer not to name the brand) and Cleanbros company. After negotiations with the Bakery, we were already at the purchasing stage when we agreed to meet with Andrey and Egor from the Cleanbros company. After 1.5 hours of communication, we decided to purchase this particular franchise. I was impressed by the openness and answers to all questions. After 2 years we opened in Lipetsk. During my work, a lot has changed for the better, including thanks to our participation, so I feel like I’m part of a big team.

Olga Gazizulina, St. Petersburg
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Our family already had experience purchasing a franchise of retail toy and gift stores. This time the choice fell on cleaning, since this is the most understandable business that allows you to work with a minimum number of fixed expenses, which means the risk of being left without profit is minimal.

We have a great technological filling: website, mobile applications, CRM - the result of long-term work of a large team. This makes us very different from our competitors, so the royalty costs are absolutely justified.

Another advantage of the franchise is our community of franchisees from different cities: we constantly exchange experiences and help each other.

Marat Basharin, Kaluga
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After finishing my career as vice president of one of the banks in Moscow, I moved to Kaluga.

My wife and I built a house there and after we thought: “How are we going to clean it?” And then the word “cleaning” was heard for the first time. I negotiated with several companies and chose the Cleanbros company.

I have been doing this business for 2 years. I don’t experience any difficulties; I have sufficient experience in sales and personnel management. In addition, in sales it doesn’t matter what you’re selling - a bank loan or a cleaning service. In both the first and second cases, you are not selling a product, but a specific benefit from the product.

Ekaterina Makarova, Saratov
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I worked as a territorial manager in a Western company. In September 2019, unable to find a suitable cleaning service to clean my home, I decided to start a business. I called 3 large companies, including the Cleanbros company. I was captivated by the sincerity in my communication with Andrey: he did not promise that it would be easy. They openly provided contacts of already working franchisees, who also spoke about all the difficulties and successes. My branch is 1.5 years old. From the moment of opening and throughout the entire time, powerful support in every sense: from opening an individual entrepreneur, setting up advertising campaigns, applications, hiring staff... to simple human advice.

Dushalova Aigul, Domodedovo/Vidnoe
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For more than 18 years I worked in the field of metallurgy and railway transport. I wanted to completely change my professional activity. I considered different franchises: providing educational programs for children, beauty salons, cleaning services, etc. From all the variety of franchises, I chose cleaning services. The Cleanbros team helped at all stages of the launch. Curators Ksenia and Christina came to the opening of the office, with them I went through the recruitment of employees, their training, and placing the first orders! I am glad that I became part of the Cleanbros team!

Оur team
Andrey Volkhonsky,
Founder of the company

"There are a huge number of reasons why our franchise is the most profitable in this market - the main reasons of our success are a high quality of the product, which keeps attracting customers for our franchisees, and our decade experience that we are ready and want to share.

But the most important thing is an absolutely clear business model and absolutely small investments in such a promising and profitable business!

But the most important thing is an absolutely clear business model and absolutely small investments in such a promising and profitable business! Please come to visit us, see how we work, chat with our franchisees, and you will be usured - we are a reliable business! "

  • Ksenia,
    Head of Regional Development
    My name is Ksenia, and I have already been with the CleanBros team for more than 5 years. I like our company's transparency, honesty and openness. Together we create a product quality that we are all proud of. Do you know, there are stories of those people who worked at a sausage factory, and now do not eat sausage and do not advise others? This is not the case with us. On my recommendation, friends purchase a franchise and become part of our “Brotherhood”. My team and I have already opened more than 50 branches throughout the country and abroad. Each launchinng of a franchise is a unique case. This is why it is so important to go directly to the cities of our franchisees for launchinng the business and personal training. I will be glad to come to your city and meet you in person!
  • Anna,
    Regional Manager
    My name is Anna, and I am a regional manager at Brothers. After working in the household chemicals industry for 4 years, I joined the best team in the world! Therefore, if your dream is to go to work as if it were a holiday, then I strongly recommend purchasing our franchise!
  • Christina,
    Regional Manager
    My name is Christina, I have been working for the company as a regional manager since 2020. If you are planning to buy our franchise, we will definitely get to know you. In my free time, I teach yoga and go rock climbing! I love to travel, so if you live in a beautiful city, then it’s time for you to open a branch! Our franchise is a unique structured product that is being upgrated on a regular basis. And if you decide to purchase it, it means you value your time and you have taste! Our company is created for people. And we are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you.
  • Ekaterina,
    Development Manager
    My name is Ekaterina. I am a b&b sales representative and responsible for growing up our networks. I have been working in franchising for more than 10 years, and I know well the inner proccess of cleaning businesses. The Cleanbros project captivated us with its genius, simplicity, openness, professional and friendly team, and most importantly, a polished and working business model that guarantees results. I couldn’t stay away and plunged headlong into this cool project. And now I’m here to help people make the right choice and become part of our best team!
Top 3 frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you provide exclusivity of ownership per city?
    Yes, we provide our franchisees with exclusive rights of ownership per territory, which gives them the opportunity to fully develop their franchises.
  2. What are the payback periods?
    Our franchisees recoup their investment in 6-8 months.
  3. How much time does it take to prepare to launch a business?
    To launch a business, 4 weeks are enough: 3 weeks for online preparation and 1 week for the offline launch of all business processes together with the opening team.
How to become a franchisee and start making money?
  1. You leave a request
  2. We are getting to know you
  3. We calculate the financial model of your franchise
  4. We sign the agreement together
  5. Our team comes to your city and lauches your new business
  6. We give you a responsible curator
  7. You start making money
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